Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Nexter Systems, the French armored vehicle firm, has thrown its hat into the ring for both the Canadian Forces Close Combat Vehicle (CCV) and the Tactical Armored Patrol Vehicle (TAPV) programs.

Nexter is offering the Canadian Army its Aravis vehicle for the TAPV program and (as noted here before) the VBCI armored vehicles for CCV,

The Hagglund’s CV90 from BAE Systems is being offered for CCV. I still haven’t heard whether Rheinmetall will be taking part in CCV.

Nexter officials will highlight its industrial benefits package by offering assembly in Canada of the vehicles.

Nexter Communications Director Jerome Dufour has noted that the company responded to the letter of interest issued in September by the Canadian government.

The Aravis is 12 metric tonnes while the VBCI is 28-tonnes.

The VBCI in the infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) version would be offered to Canada equipped with a 25 mm canon.

According to Pierre Tran, my colleague at Defense News, the VBCI production line, relying heavily on subassembly “kits,” is designed to be easily set up for local assembly in foreign markets.

More from Defense News:

Nexter is in talks with Canadian companies to assure a local supply chain for domestic production of the VBCI and Aravis.

The French Army in April ordered 15 Aravis vehicles for reconnaissance by engineers on potentially mined routes in Afghanistan. The Aravis offers NATO Stanag 4 protection against ballistic, mines, artillery and IED threats, Nexter said.

Nexter is under pressure to boost exports as domestic orders are drying up. France has ordered a total 630 VBCIs for 2.86 billion euros, down from an initial planned 700 units.