Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Michaëlle Jean, Governor General and Commander-in-Chief of Canada, will present the first 46 Sacrifice Medals to members of the Canadian Forces and, posthumously, to a Canadian diplomat. The inaugural ceremony will be held on Monday, November 9, 2009, at 11 a.m. at Rideau Hall. Prime Minister Stephen Harper will attend the prsentation.

The Governor General will present 46 Sacrifice Medals of which 21 are awarded posthumously. The recipients come from all regions of the country and from a variety of Canadian Forces regiments.

The Sacrifice Medal was created to provide a tangible and lasting form of recognition for the members of the Canadian Forces and those who work with them who have been wounded or killed by hostile action and to Canadian Forces members who died as a result of service, according to the government.


To receive the Sacrifice Medal and Bar:

Sergeant Lance Thomas Hooper, M.S.M., C.D.

To receive the Sacrifice Medal:

Captain Casey Balden

Corporal Cole Daniel Bartsch (posthumous)

Corporal Robbie Christopher Beerenfenger (posthumous)

Dr. Glyn Raymond Berry (posthumous)

Master Corporal Roger Dennis Boudreau, C.D.

Private Darryl James Caswell (posthumous)

Sergeant Joseph Anatole Serge Charette, C.D.

Corporal Ryan E. G. Elrick, C.D.

Corporal Andrew James Eykelenboom (posthumous)

Master Corporal Paul Milson Franklin

Master Corporal Michael Christian Gauthier, C.D.

Corporal Vincent C. Gauvreau-Roussin

Master Corporal Dave Gionet, M.M.V.

Captain Nichola Kathleen Sarah Goddard, M.S.M.


Corporal Joseph François Étienne Gonthier (posthumous)

Private Richard Anthony Green (posthumous)

Captain Charles Trevor Greene

Corporal Phillip J. Guy

Private Michael Yuki Hayakaze (posthumous)

Sergeant Sheldon Herritt, C.D.

Private Arielle Marie Keyes-Oliver (posthumous)

Major Paeta Derek Hess-von Kruedener, M.S.C., C.D.


Private Joseph Simon Maurice Serge Longtin


Captain Juli-Ann Dawn Mackenzie (posthumous)

Captain Simon Jean Mailloux

Corporal Nicholas George Makischuk

Master Corporal Bounyarattanaphon Makthepharak

Corporal Joseph François Maurice Malboeuf, C.D.

Warrant Officer Frank Robert Mellish, C.D.


Officer Cadet Jesse Lee Melnyck

Master Warrant Officer

Joseph Christian Michel Mario Mercier, M.S.C., C.D.


Master Corporal Jody Allan Mitic, C.D.

Master Corporal Kirk Bradley Noel (posthumous)

Corporal Michael P. O’Rourke, M.M.V.

Master Corporal Darrell Jason Priede (posthumous)

Corporal J. Y. Martin Renaud

Master Corporal Joël Émile Richard

Master Seaman Crysta L. Rutherford

Lieutenant(N) Christopher Edward Saunders, C.D.


Sergeant John Sloan, C.D.

Sergeant Mark William Soper, C.D.

Sergeant Shane Hank Stachnik (posthumous)

Master Corporal Jeffrey Scott Walsh (posthumous)

Sergeant Gregory Owen White

Private Joel Vincent Wiebe (posthumous)