Monday, June 8, 2009



It seems the recruiting process is still a problem for those experienced military personnel who thought they would try to re-enlist.

Here is what I wrote in August, 2007 for the Ottawa Citizen about efforts underway:

“The Canadian Forces has sent out a request to highly experienced ex-military personnel to come back into the ranks as it tries to recruit enough soldiers for the future and deal with the fallout from the ongoing mission to Afghanistan.

Letters were sent out at the end of March by Lt.-Gen. Walter Natynczyk to non-commissioned officers, captains and majors that their services are needed to shore up the army. The general points out that the military is not only working to expand the regular and reserve forces, but “we are also facing greater demands for Canada to support more and more overseas missions while maintaining a healthy force within Canada to respond to domestic crises.”

In the letter, directed to members of the supplementary reserves, the general states there is a high demand for experienced personnel to fill positions in the army. “We are looking for trained professionals to assist in a variety of ways in various locations and under a range of employment options,” writes Lt.-Gen. Natynczyk, the vice chief of the defence staff.”

And here is the latest trials and tribulations from one Defence Watch reader who asked that his name be published (his email is similar to a number that I have received from retired personnel):

“I've been out of the CF for a few years (after serving 20 already).  When I heard of the personnel shortfalls, I  felt duty-bound to answer the 'call'.  I started the application process with the CF Recruiting Centre (Ottawa) about a year ago and haven't heard from them in six months - despite a couple of calls last week. 

David, if they're trying to attract (and retain) experienced people, they've got some work to do....  Honestly, it boggles the mind!  Lets hope this new officer (in recruiting) gets his **** together and starts marching to a different tune!!”